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2003 Photo Gallery

2002 Photo Gallery

2001 Photo Gallery


2003 Lawn Watch Timeline

2002 Lawn Watch Timeline

2001 Lawn Watch Timeline

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Here are some moving pictures of the Lawn Mowing Chester.

  • 05-24-2003-----Here is the first known film of the Lawn Mowing Chester.  In the beginning of the film you will see an example of the dieing mower lift.  Towards the end of the video you will note that it has spotted it's observer.  Upon spotting me it immediately shunned it's simian like stance in favor of a weakly mimicked upright human stance.  Notice I say mimic, it has not evolved and by all accounts has the mental ability of a severely retarded human being.  You may also note the height of the foliage at the base of the fence (this has since been weed eat).    This video contains no sound.   VIDEO