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2003 Photo Gallery

2002 Photo Gallery

2001 Photo Gallery


2003 Lawn Watch Timeline

2002 Lawn Watch Timeline

2001 Lawn Watch Timeline

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2002-202This was the Lawn Mowing Chester's trusty mower.  It sat in this position in it's back yard from 10-04-2001 (last date mowed in 2001) through 04-11-2002.  The mower was only moved then so it could use it's newly acquired mower to mow it's back yard.  It's new mower (new to the Lawn Mowing Chester)  is a self-propelled model.  Even with it being self-propelled it took the Chester 2 days to mow it's lawn front and back.  The new mower makes the 4th one the Lawn Mowing Chester has gotten since I bought my Lawn Boy.